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Operate more efficiently, adapt quickly to change, and maximize resources. With a single finance and HR system from Workday, you can focus on what’s most important—achieving your philanthropic goals.

Many of the world’s leading nonprofits use Workday.
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Turning vision into reality.

Get deep insight into your operations. Find, nurture, and retain staff. And plan for a better tomorrow.

Our flexible budgetary control framework and fund accounting capabilities give you a full view of your finances so you can improve compliance, demonstrate accountability, and reduce errors.

And with seamless information sharing between finance and HR, you can manage endowed gifts and budget for and track specific positions with ease.

With Workday, you can:

  • Operate more efficiently with configurable processes and real-time audits
  • Reduce administrative overhead and focus more on your mission
  • Gain greater insight into the workforce to help your people grow
  • Easily adapt to policy, organizational, and regulatory changes


The world’s leading nonprofit organizations trust Workday as their enterprise cloud suite, supporting breakthrough results in finance and HR across a wide range of challenges and industries.

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